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Welcome to my IDSIA homepage! I left IDSIA in 2006 and am now at RSISE/ANU/NICTA in Australia. At IDSIA I lead a research project on "Optimal Rational Agents based on Algorithmic Complexity" and am still co-leading a research project on "Bayesian Methods for Integrated Genomics". IDSIA is a research institute for Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland, which is (co)headed by Juergen Schmidhuber. My research at IDSIA was centered around the AIXI model, which is a mathematical top-down approach to AI, related to Kolmogorov complexity, algorithmic probability, universal Solomonoff induction, Occam's razor, Levin search, sequential decision theory, dynamic programming, reinforcement learning, and rational agents. Generally I'm attracted by fundamental problems on the boundary between science and philosophy, which have a chance of being solved in my expected lifespan. One is Artificial Intelligence. The other is particle physics with questions related to physical Theories of Everything. Math in its whole breadth (statistics, numerics, algebra, ...) has become my constant and cherished companion. With computer graphics one can convince oneself and others that math can be beautiful.

Marcus Hutter
Galleria 2
CH-6928 Manno-Lugano
Phone: +41-91/610 8668
Fax: +41-91/610 8661
Email: marcus@idsia.ch
Marcus Hutter

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