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Research Fellow Position

Currently I have no money, but I may have (another) Research Fellow position available in the area of Machine Learning or (Algorithmic) Information Theory or (Bayesian) Statistics or Artificial Intelligence or related in 2014. It will probably be similar to http://www.hutter1.net/rsise/postdoc09.htm. Please check again End of October 2014.

PhD Students

Creative PhD candidates with excellent mathematical background, interested in some of the following areas, are encouraged to apply: Possible backgrounds are an honor's or master's degree in physics, mathematics, computer sciences, engineering, or related fields. To get an idea of the current research in the above areas and the required skills, please have a look at the specific student projects, the general projects page, the introductory book and course recommendations, and read some of the generally accessible papers.

The PhD will be awarded by the Australian National University, with NICTA possibly paying a top-up scholarship. The total value of scholarships is typically $20'000-$30'000 per year, plus fee waiver. The PhD program is 3-4 years.

Before you apply at the official ANU site, I recommend you make yourself familiar with my research projects, and read a couple of my papers to see whether you feel comfortable to work on some of these topics. I will not answer mass emails. Otherwise you're welcome to contact me by email in advance of the application deadline with subject line "PhD Candidate" and attach (1MB max),

 (i) detailed curriculum vitae,
 (ii) academic transcript,
 (iii) two or three references,
 (iv) a specific letter of interest (1-2 pages),
 (v) links to publications and/or theses.

Note that scholarships for non-residents of Australia are very difficult to get, and you would typically need a couple of relevant and high quality publications in the area already, or excellent results from a top university Masters degree.


Student Projects

I have student projects in the areas of artificial intelligence, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, universal forecasting, information theory, agent/control theory, complexity theory, decision theory, image processing, computer vision, philosophy of science, and/or related areas.
All projects require excellent analytical skills and good mathematical background. You should have completed at least 5 pure math courses (e.g. algebra, analysis, numerics, statistics, discrete math) with excellent grades.

ABOUT ANU. The Australian National University (ANU) is located in the city of Canberra, the Federal Capital of Australia. The ANU consistently ranks top among all Universities in the southern hemisphere, third in the Asia/Pacific region, and in the top 50 worldwide.

ABOUT NICTA. The National ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Australia with about 300 researchers across the country plays a major role in the Australian Government’s policy to promote science and innovation. It is capitalizing on Australia’s and international extensive ICT talent through world-class research, commercialization, education, and industry collaboration.

ABOUT CANBERRA. With a population of about 300'000, Canberra is a very clean and quiet city, surrounded by bush land and parks, and with Lake Burley Griffin in its geographical centre. It is a three-hour drive from Sydney, surfing beaches, and Australia's ski resorts.

Dilbert Job Interview
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