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Review & Publication Time of Computer Science Journals

Journal Name Publisher Review Time Revision time Publ. Time Total Time Citations per Article
AI Magazine 0.736
Artificial Intelligence 1.915
Artificial Intelligence Review 0.457
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 0.672
Chemometr Intell Lab 1.752
Cogn. Brain Res. 0.880
Comp. Statistics & Data Analysis Elsevier 8m - 12m 20m
IEEE Expert IEEE Press 0.629
IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation IEEE Press 4m - - -
IEEE Trans. Information Theory IEEE Press 9m 11m 5m 25m
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data En IEEE Press 0.461
IEEE Trans. Pattern. Analy IEEE Press 3m 2m 7m 2.006
IEEE Trans. Neural Net. IEEE Press 1.941
Image Vision Comput. 0.602
Int J. Comput. Vision 1.153
Int J. Foundations of Computer Science World Scientific3m - 12m 15m
Int J. Softw. Eng. Know 0.420
Int J. Intelligent Systems 0.512
Int J. Neural Systems World Scientific3m 1m 4m 8m
J. Computational Neuroscience Kluwer 5.5m 3m 6m 14.5m
J. Neurophysiol ? 3m
J. Computer and System Science Academic Press 6m 4m 6m 16m
J. Machine Learning Research MIT Press 7m 3m 0m 10m
Machine Learning Kluwer 5m 7m 14m 26m 1.721
Network 1.196
Neural Computation 3.139
Neural Networks Pergamon 10m - 9m 19m
Neural Processing Letters Kluwer 8m±2 [#2] 9m 8.5m±2 [#2]25.5m [#2]
Neurocomputing Elsevier 12m 3m - 15m 3.139
Neuroscience 2.8m 1.939
Pattern Recognition 0.691
Pattern Recognition Letters Elsevier 8m 4m 7m 19m
Pattern Recognition Lett. 0.381
Robotica Cambridge Uni.Press3m±0 [#2]- 6m±0 [#2] 9m±0 [#2]


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